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About our craftsmanship...
Not to be tucked away in a play room, but worthy of displaying among fine furniture, this toy is destined to become a treasured family heirloom.

Classic Wooden Rocking Horses
You'll notice the attention to detail in the
contrasting wood veneer on the mane.
The rocking horse itself is blind-dowel assembly.
Dowel assembly consists of wooden "nails",
both in the seat, fusing the neck and body pieces,
and in the shoulders and hips of the horse.
"Blind" means that they are not visible
in finished construction.
classic Wooden Rocking Horses, solid wood rocker view showing screw and glue assembly concealed by wooden buttons.
This a is a close up view of our rocker,
which is solid wood construction
(as opposed to bent layered wood),
with screw and glue assembly,
made invisible by wooden buttons.
Classic Handcrafted Wooden Rocking Horses, frontal view.
We pride ourselves in our craftsmanship. Each one of our rocking horses is crafted to order and given our undivided attention. They are not manufactured, assembly line clones. Each is examined and worked in detail, then sanded in several stages by machine and by hand, before being hand-rubbed with an Heirloom finish. This assures you not only of quality, enduring construction, but a beautiful, lustrous appearance as well.